How To Update McAfee Billing Informations ?

McAfee is recommended as one of the leading antivirus suite providing utmost protection to the computers against malignant threats. The threats can ruin the performance of computer and can steal the information available in it. It is widely demanded amongst the clients for its advance security and functionality. McAfee has produced several of antivirus programs to help protect school, business and home computers. Product activation is needed for all the McAfee products that has purchased whether online or from the store. The product activation feature minimize the negative impact of software piracy and ensure the product is registered with McAfee in order to receive timely news and updates of threats. Activation of a McAfee product is common for the consumers who have purchased their products.

Activation of McAfee Antivirus

Step 1

Open your web browser and navigate to the McAfee website listed first under Resources at the bottom of this article.

Step 2

Choose "My Account" and enter the email address and password that you used to purchase your McAfee product. If you have not yet purchased McAfee, create a new account and log in to make your purchase.

Step 3

Select the McAfee product on your list of authorized purchased to download to your computer. You can also choose to purchase a product from this screen.

Step 4

Run the McAfee installation program after completing download from the McAfee homepage.

Step 5

Enter the activation code provided to you when purchasing your McAfee product when prompted by the McAfee installer followed by the "Activate" menu button. McAfee will now be activated on your computer.

Once the product is activated it is mandatory to update the product and to update the product, or to purchase any new version of McAfee Antivirus you need to again purchase it. Several time the user do not want to use the same card that has been updated, and wants to update the billing information, so that he can further do the shopping according to the updated billing information.

Follow the below mentioned steps to update the billing information:

Log in to your McAfee account.
At the top of your “My Account” page, choose My Account, and then tap on My Profile.
At the top of the Billing Information section, tap on Update. Type in your new credit card credentials and billing address, and then tap on the Save.

The aforementioned steps will help in updating the billing information. Still if you encounter any technical issue with any of the McAfee related issue, you can take McAfee Support. McAfee Support is available round the clock thus it can be taken as per the convenience of the users.

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